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Friday, May 23, 2008

Five and a half days

until Seema turns ONE!
Where did the time go? We blinked and now she's all grown up.

I blew up her baby pool last weekend and we used it twice this year so far. I was driving home yesterday and thought to myself... hmm, where did that pool go?... it's no where to be found. I guess with the windy days this week along with the thunderstorms it was too much to take and blew off.
Oh well... it was a good $10 well it lasted!

Seema just started trying to pull up this week. Since she scoots instead of crawling I've been working with her on how to put her legs to be able to pull up. We need a few more weeks.

At dinner the other night she figured out how to put her sippy cup back in the cup holder!! Way to go girl.

This weekend is a holiday weekend. Memorial Day is Monday.
We're planning on trying to hit the zoo on Monday. Punt & I both have off work.

I am so freakin' excited for Seema's birthday party.
The party's theme is Butterfly Garden and it's going to be so cute!
I have been dying to put up all the decorations for 2 weeks already.

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