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We have been married since 2001. Lived in our current house since 2003. Had a baby girl in 2007. What will be next?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Few outakes from our Christmas card photos

I'm not going to show all of them because I want you to be surprised when you get your Christmas card.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Seema made some Thanksgiving projects at "school" this week. We'll be taking them to the Grandparent's house tomorrow, as decorations.

Turkey hand card "I gobble til I wobble".
Turkey candle. Glass baby food jar with tissue paper around it, Seema's hand turkey on the back.
Cornucopia she colored the different fruits and veggies.
We'll have to wait and see what she makes today.

Since I have a half day of work I'm planning on putting up the outside Christmas lights.
I have plans to craft this weekend. I'm so excited! Some of these will be used as gifts, some we will keep. I'm going to be making some ornaments and trinket boxes. Plus working on our Christmas cards. Still need to get a good picture of Seema for it. hmm....


Friday, November 21, 2008

Date Night, part 2

Now since Punit is working a more "regular" shift, 7am-3:30pm, and doesn't have a 2nd job anymore we have a lot more family time and couple time.

Last weekend we planned to go out to dinner (which was yummy) and go to the movies. Ended up instead having to way 40 mins for a table so we missed the movie. But we're going tonight.

We're going to see FireProof. Have you seen this movie? I've heard it's pretty good from both men and women. Plus, the babysitting group at church mentioned it was a great date night movie.

Aunt Colleen is coming over the watch Seema tonight, and she's spending the night. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

She wasn't having it

she so did not want to get her picture taken or have her hat on, but I still love this picture.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


for now, at least. Punit came home Thursday afternoon with no pink slip. He lucked out on this row of layoffs. There's more coming though.

This means he'll probably be transferred to 2nd shift in 2 weeks. If that happens then Seema will continue to go to the same daycare. All will be nice and smooth.

Seema got a check up on Friday.
17 months old
Height: 20.1 inches
Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz.
No longer goes to sleep with a bottle. (We'll be working on the paci next, though she doesn't have it tonight. Cross your fingers that I get enough sleep.)

We both got our flu shots. We're hoping for no flu this year. Last year we had it really bad and it was horrible!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Skirt

I cannot believe how "old" Seema is looking lately.

Check out her curls

Don't be fooled like Mom, this is NOT my first sucker. I love these!

Playing outside. Wearing the new skirt Grandma made for me.

Yep, that's right, Seema has a brand new one-of-a-kind skirt. Made especially for her by Grandma. Now she's not one to be all girly and it makes me to happy to see her in a skirt.