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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love to use my teeth!

Yes, that's right! Seema loves to use her 5 teeth, yes 5!!


She had her first apples with peanut butter and loved it.

check out the size of that bite!


Mom there is absolutely no need for forks or spoons when your hands can do the job so well!! Sort of sounds like something Punit would say. hmmm....

This past windy weekend she tried out her brand-spanking new pool that Grandma gave her for her birthday. She absolutely loves it!

Other updates...
  • Seema now knows how to pull up in her crib, so Punit had to lower it (for the first time!) today. So scary last night when she did that and I had no clue she knew how to.
  • The countdown had begun, well it started about a year ago when Punit was put on 3rd shift. He officially has 10 days of 3rd shift left!! Of course, they aren't ten days in a row, instead they have to drag it out for another 2 and a half weeks.
  • Each day I'm falling more in love with my second love... photography. I've been meeting with clients and working on marketing documents.

I am starting a 365 project on this blog! This means that I am committing to picking up my camera and taking pictures every day for a year. I will try to post daily, but we all know that life sometimes takes over...

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