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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Madness

I finally got around to de-grassing some of my garden and planted the marigolds. I like them! Going to try and keep them alive for awhile.

Seema and I took a drive to find a new spot for some photos. I put her in one of her new pretty dresses that she got for her birthday and I went in search of a meadow. No such luck and the sun was getting dimmer by the minute so this is where we ended up. I'm still struggling with her looking at the camera. Today she took off in the other direction when I got it out. :(


Extra Friday pictures just for you...

yum, wild blackberries


We strolled through the Farmer's Market this morning. Didn't come home with anything from there, instead stopped by Dillon's for their awesomely priced fruit this week!

Filled up Seema's pool this afternoon. It only sat out in the 82 F warmness, filled with water for 1
hour and the water was nice and sun-warmed. She had a blast for the 20 minutes that I let her play before nap time. She loves the slide in it and can't get enough of going down it, she now tries to climb back up it. She also puts her face down in the water to get a drink. It's hilarious!
... pictures to come later this summer.

Yeah Mom I know I'm not doing what you want me to. Here's your one shot to get it right, today!

Proof!! that she knows how to pull up and get to stuff.

Stay tuned...365 project pictures for Sunday will be posted tomorrow!

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