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We have been married since 2001. Lived in our current house since 2003. Had a baby girl in 2007. What will be next?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Up, down, all around...

Oh geez. I forgot to update yesterday and didn't remember until just now.

That is Seema's theme song at the moment. It's all she does. Up, down, all around.

  • Seema is now an expert at pulling up. She does it all day long and can't get enough of it. On the couch, on the exersaucer, on the chairs, in her crib. She's working on the bathtub.
  • Punit's official last day of work at LSI is tomorrow! Wow how these last few weeks have drug by. He has an interview for a part-time job this afternoon.
  • I recently accepted a job offer. Starting July 15th I will be the Help Desk Manager here. So excited!
  • We have been seeing a lot of Grandma and Aunt Lizzie lately. With me being busy with photo session and daycare being on vacation this week it's been nice having people around that can watch you.
  • Grandma has plans for our yard! It will be looking so much more beautiful soon. The flower garden was weeded and marigolds and bushes were planted. The side of the garage is getting adored with lilies in bright reds, pinks, and oranges. The sides of the driveway are getting flowering bushes.
  • Plans for a possible patio, redoing a few of the siding panels, and painting the house will be the projects to tackle next summer.

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