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Friday, November 21, 2008

Date Night, part 2

Now since Punit is working a more "regular" shift, 7am-3:30pm, and doesn't have a 2nd job anymore we have a lot more family time and couple time.

Last weekend we planned to go out to dinner (which was yummy) and go to the movies. Ended up instead having to way 40 mins for a table so we missed the movie. But we're going tonight.

We're going to see FireProof. Have you seen this movie? I've heard it's pretty good from both men and women. Plus, the babysitting group at church mentioned it was a great date night movie.

Aunt Colleen is coming over the watch Seema tonight, and she's spending the night. :)


momof2 said...

I have not seen the movie ... in fact, my husband and I have not been to the movies in over four years! We do rent movies occassionally though ... so we see them a bit late. Your night sounds lovely - enjoy!

Jen Edwards said...

Good for you! I am so glad you are making time with eachother. It really is so important. My hubby and I will even just get a sitter to put the kids down at night... after dinner together so we can go to the local bookstore and play scrabble without interuptions, have a conversation, and not so exhausted that we are asleep on the couch 10 minutes after we have the kids in bed.

Hope you had a great time!